About Me

I graduated from the University of Alaska Massage Therapy Training Program in 2000.  After a 16 year career in Social Work, I wanted a change where I could help people in a different way.  I've always said that massage chose me, verses me choosing massage.  It is not only a very rewarding career, but also my passion and my calling. 

I moved to Honolulu on the beautiful Island of Oahu, Hawaii in February of 2001 and since that time have dedicated my career full-time to working with people who need and/or utilize massage for health related reasons.  I have worked extensively in clinical settings and acted in the role of Director of Medical Massage programs at two injury rehab clinics.  I specilize in both injury recovery and prevention.  My areas of expertise include all aspects of the spine (back & neck), hips, shoulders and upper-extremities.  In addition to hands-on techniques I work with my clients in developing stretching and exercise routines to assist them in remaining pain-free.