“I was in constant and severe pain from my right shoulder down to the middle of my back, right hip and leg. I was prescribed several different pain medications and was given many painful Steroid shots, all of which gave temporary relief. After a few sessions with Bill I began to feel much better and was able to stand straighter. I found myself sleeping better without pain medications. It’s such a “Blessing” that I came to know Bill as a great Massage Therapist and a good friend. Mahalo Bill!!”
Ewa Beach, HI

“After my work injury a year and a half ago, I had severe pain and spasms not only in my back but also in my legs. Since that time, I’ve had everything from surgery, to steroid shots, pain meds, and electrical stimulation, all with temporary relief. After seeing Bill, I no longer have the spasms and my pain has been greatly reduced. I am hopeful that I will soon recover and be myself again.”
Mililani, HI

“My brother was referred to Bill by a Physical Therapist to alleviate muscle pain from Cerebral Palsy. When I witnessed the success Bill had with my brother, I requested a session with him myself. Since then, my elderly mother and my nephew have also been seeing Bill on a regular basis. The thing we like about Bill in addition to his skills and expertise, is his warm and caring personality. What a great therapist! Thank you Bill!!”
J.I. & Family
Honolulu, HI

“After numerous back and knee surgeries, my ability to walk was extremely impaired. Bill keeps me from completely locking up. He works very specifically in loosening up my back, hips and legs, improving my ability to balance and to walk with greater flexibility, as well as provide pain relief and a sense of physical comfort.”
Mililani, HI